Our journey started five years before Red Flower Ranch (RFR) was even a thought. We decided to move to the country because we were tired of the noisy, busy city. We bought 10 beautiful acres in April 2013, our own piece of paradise!
After our first year in our new lifestyle, we decided to be brave and take on some animals. We started small, 8 chickens and 6 ducks, and stayed that way for a couple years…slowly adding to our flock each spring. But we had the itch, so we started looking for something else we could do with our property to grow our little farm. It was time to add some big mammals. But what?
In February 2016, a friend of ours told us about an alpaca show. We went to check it out, and spent a couple hours talking to some alpaca owners. Before we left, we were signed up for a class to learn more! We attended the alpaca class and knew we were hooked. We’d found the animal we were looking for!
After attending shows, talking with more alpaca owners, and doing more research than should be allowed, we decided to purchase our first 5 alpacas….and a llama to guard them of course.
In January 2017, we officially became Red Flower Ranch. We feel blessed and proud to be on this new journey…and we’re excited to share it with you!